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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

PLEASE, don't force me to

If I don't love you,
please.. don't force me 
If I don't need you, 
please.. don't beat my soul 
If I can't accept you, 
please.. don't let me beg you 

As a human..
As a mankind.. 
Different hereditary degree
between the common people
with the royal blood
after succeed in life
trying to make a chaos 
by reveal defame
to bait the highness 
with a degradation work 
serve in administration
as a strategy for intervention 
rise a proclamation of freedom 
claims for the rights 
crave for the sweetness life
by intimidate and incite
a peace of every people
under the domination of monarch
with force to accept
a betrayal procedure 
as a strategy of national defense 
even their lure is very wide
as wide as my vision
it's like craving to reign an ocean..

*copy and paste from other people ^_^ actually i like this poem,
 hope you enjoy read it, bye

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